derelict wall
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Dry Stone Construction
delivery of newly quarried stone   
  Reconstructed field wall
The starting point may be a delapidated or derelict structure or a mass of previously unconstructed stone. Old structures may need rebuilding due to the growth of vegetation, animal activity or abuse. If repairs are not carried out they soon need major repair or total rebuild.
Wall junction   
  Dry stone facing
Where construction methods are unsightly, dry stone treatments may be used to mask them and leave an appropriate image.
Garden steps   
  Environmentally friendly dry stone retaining wall
Dry stone construction techniques/methods can be adopted using other materials to achieve sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives to engineering problems.
Dry stone steps   
  Curved wall
Curves, features and practical requirements can be incorporated into structures as required.
Post box feature   
  A 2 metre high garden wall
Using local stone new structures easily fit into the landscape and new construction can meet what is already established.

Should you require repair, total rebuild, a new structure or advice Jon would be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.

New dry stone wall meets old   
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